Obsession Racing Press Release 2015 #2


MENIFEE, CA – On February 7th Eric had the honor of driving Steven Sims Hooked Monster truck in Anaheim California for the televised Monster Jam.  He did a fantastic job piloting somebody else’s truck for the first time.  It was a great experience for him and it was quite an honor to have the management of Monster Jam tell us what a great job he did driving for another team. The show was televised on February 22nd on the Fox Sport 1 channel.  It is a great compliment to be asked by another team that feels confident in your driving abilities to take over the wheel of their equipment.  We are very proud of Eric and his abilities and knowledge at such a young age in this business.

Over Presidents weekend and Valentine’s Day Rick and Eric did a show for WGAS Motorsports at the Date Festival in Indio California.  The show went well with Rick and Eric each winning a day in freestyle.  It is always fun working for WGAS as we get to interact with friends and family.  Unfortunately it was a sorrowful weekend regarding the Borba Family as they lost a wonderful man in their family.  Their daughters husband John passed away suddenly and he will truly be missed but will be in the hearts of many forever.

The following weekend we did a show for Monster Jam in Albuquerque New Mexico.  This was a three day show.  Justin Cluster came along with Rick and Eric to help our Obsession Racing team.  Rick and Eric did a great job and put on a fantastic performance for our Albuquerque fans!  Rick flew home on Monday from Tucson and Justin and Eric stayed to do the show in Tucson the following weekend.

February was a successful month and we are looking forward to an exciting month in March! We hope to see you too!!

Obsession Racing Press Release 2015 #1


MENIFEE, CA – The first event for 2015 was in Tacoma Washington for Monster Jam.  This was a three day show with four events total.  This was a successful weekend to kick off the New Year.  Eric drove his truck Obsessed for all four events and Rick traded off driving Obsession with Justin Cluster.  They were all crowd pleasing shows and Eric shined in Freestyle!  Eric was placed in the top of the lineup for freestyle which is an honor in driving for Monster Jam.

The following weekend we had another Monster Jam show in San Diego California.  This is always a fun show as it is close to home and our families and friends along with our fans can come and watch Rick and Eric shine.  Rick and Eric did a great job piloting their trucks in the new Petco Park Stadium.

On January 24th Eric and Justin headed up to Sacramento to drive for another Monster Jam event.  Eric did great in racing and placed 2nd in freestyle!  Justin drove Obsession and took 2nd place in the wheelie competition and won a first place trophy in the donut contest!

The last show of January was back at Petco Park in San Diego.  This show was booked for Obsessed only.  Eric did a fantastic job! He got the highest air of the night in freestyle!  He was 3rd out but held first place towards the very end.  Dennis Anderson even commented to Eric that he might as well pack his bags now and go after that run! This was a huge compliment to Eric coming from a legend!

January was a great success for Obsession Racing and we are looking forward to a fabulous February!! We hope to see you there!

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