Obsession Racing Press Release 2016 #9

MENIFEE, CA – September was a busy month for Obsession Racing. It started out on the fifth of September heading toward Oregon for the Sublimity Harvest Festival.

Wednesday and Thursday both trucks were put on display to promote the Harvest Festival. Thursday night is the sponsor night giving them a taste of the show with a little car crushing action. Friday is the first night of a 3 day freestyle only show. Eric placed second overall during this weekend. This is always a fun show to do with our monster truck family and friends.

Monday night on the 12 th Rick and Eric headed to Redding for a quick one day display on Tuesday the 13 th to promote the show for the weekend. Tuesday evening after their display they packed up and headed to Watsonville for a one day freestyle show for the Santa Cruz fair. Rick and Eric did fantastic and made some new fans in Watsonville!!

Strictly after the show in Watsonville they had about a 5½ hour drive to Tulare for the Toughest Monster Truck Tour’s show on Thursday and Friday. Rick won racing both nights and Eric took home the freestyle win for this tour! On Saturday and Sunday the 17 th and 18 th Eric in his Obsessed truck did a show in Redding California for Major League of Monster Trucks. Dad crewed for him this weekend and enjoyed watching Eric do a spectacular job from the side lines!

Rick and Eric came home for a few days and prepped the trucks for a car crush/display at Knot Fest/Oz Fest in Devore California on Saturday and Sunday. This show wrapped up our busy September and we look forward to staying around our home for a while in October! September was a fun and successful month for Obsession Racing.

Obsession Racing Press Release 2016 #7 & 8

MENIFEE, CA – July first Obsession Racing was in sunny California at the Del Mar Fair for WGAS Motorsport to celebrate independence weekend with monster truck action. This event was for four days with two shows a day. Unfortunately Eric in his Obsessed truck didn’t get off to a good start as his motor blew on the first day of the event. Rick let Eric take over in his Obsession truck for the rest of the event. Eric did a phenomenal job in Dad’s truck!

Rick and Eric had two weeks to get Eric’s motor repaired in his truck in time for the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa California. This event was from the 27 th of July through the 31 st. Eric’s truck ran great for this show and he did a great performance. He even stepped in for Big Foot by putting a Big Foot body on his truck and running it for the event. Rick also had some fast times and wins for this show!

August started off in Santa Rosa California for Monster X. This was a three day show. Rick was on top in racing and Eric was a show stopper in freestyle. It was another good weekend down in the books!

From Santa Rosa Rick and Eric headed to Grass Valley California for a two day show for the fair. Rick won racing on Friday night and Eric took the win in racing on Saturday. The trucks ran great and the guys put on a great show for all to see!

On the 20 th of August Eric in his Obsessed truck had a show in Tucson Arizona for Tucson Speedway. Rick crewed for Eric at the show. This show consisted of a wheelie competition, donut competition and freestyle. Eric did great and won the donut competition and freestyle!

The last show in August was in Lancaster California for Monster X with both trucks. This also was a one day show with freestyle and racing. Rick made it to the finals against Bigfoot and the crowd voted Eric on the freestyle win!!

Obsession Racing Press Release 2016 #5 & 6

MENIFEE, CA – May started out with two shows for WGAS Motorsports. The first weekend in May the show was in Santa Rosa California with both trucks Obsession and Obsessed. Following this show both trucks headed to Turlock California. Both shows the trucks put on a great show for WGAS Motorsports.

On Saturday the 21 st the Obsessed truck did a sponsored display for Airflow Research at the Willows Springs Race track. Obsessed drew a great crowd for this display showing off its shiny new AFR heads. The following day on Sunday Obsession and Obsessed did a show in Victorville California for the San Bernardino county fair. This was Obsession Racings second year there and the fans were happy to see them back in their town!

The following Thursday and Friday nights both trucks were in Sacramento for the Sacramento County fair. The trucks did well once again! From here the guys and their trucks headed to Salt Lake City Utah and parked the rig at Mark and Leslie Gallagher’s house and flew home until the next show in June in Missoula Montana.

The second weekend in June the guys flew back to Utah and headed to Missoula Montana for a show for WHR Motorsports. The show went well and we were really grateful for Mark’s help and hospitality in helping us out!

Rick and Eric headed back home from Montana for a display on Father’s Day weekend at Cross Roads Church in Costa Mesa. The fathers and all who saw the display loved being up close to the monster trucks and everyone had a good time!

Wrapping up June Obsession Racing did a show at the Alameda County Fair in Northern California for WHR Motorsports. Eric tested out his new Flame Motorsports frame at this show.

It handled really well! We have to give a big thanks to Tyler Groth (Double Trouble) for helping us put together Eric truck in time to make it to this show!!