Obsession Racing Highlight Video

Obsession Racing Press Release 2015 #7


MENIFEE, CA – Celebrating the fourth of July this year was at Del Mar California

Fair for WGAS Motorsports with Wrong Way Rick only. Eric’s truck Obsessed was also performing for WGAS Motorsports, for the Kaboom Fireworks spectacular show in Pomona California at the fairgrounds.

Rick’s show in Del Mar was a three day show with 2 events each day. As always Wrong Way Rick is a huge success for the spectators as they love to see him perform backwards!

He put on an exciting freestyle show for all of the days and as always it is great to see our regular fans and friends at this event.

Eric’s show was for only one evening. The event consisted of racing and freestyle. He made it to the semifinals in racing and put on an excellent freestyle performance that took second place. He had no problems clearing the bus stack and pulling some wicked donuts! This is always a fun show to do and we also want to give a big thanks to Frank Schettini for hauling Obsessed and crewing for Eric. With Frank’s help it made it possible for us to do both events.

July marked the launch of the Hewitt Packard Commercial which featured Obsession Racing.

August will be a busy month for Obsession Racing. The whole month of August is booked in Northern California and we are looking forward to be performing for our California fans and friends!! We hope to see you out there cheering for Obsession

Racing!! Photos by Jim Allen.

Obsession Racing Press Release 2015 #6


MENIFEE, CA – In the second weekend of June Obsession Racing did a show for WHR Motorsports in Farmington New Mexico. This show was on Friday and Saturday evening. It consisted of racing and freestyle. Each night for the two shows, Eric made it to the semifinals in Obsessed and Rick made it to the finals in Wrong Way Rick. For freestyle Eric pulled off some wicked donuts and caught a lot of air as usual on both nights. Rick as always was a crowd pleaser in Wrong Way Rick impressing the crowd with his backwards skills! On Saturday night Eric also won the wheelie competition.

The weekend of June 26th Rick and Eric did another show on Friday and Saturday night in Pleasanton California for WHR Motorsports. These shows also had racing and freestyle. Friday night Rick and Eric made it to the semifinals in racing. On Saturday Eric made it to the finals against Big Foot. For freestyle they had a limited area to run in, but they were still able to put on an excellent performance for their fans!