Obsession Racing 2017 Press Release #2


MENIFEE, CA – Our first weekend of February Obsession Racing headed to Arizona for another Fox Sports West Monster Jam show. This event was a Saturday only show. This was a hard show for Rick because he broke one axle during his wheelie competition. He fixed the axle in time for freestyle and on his third hit in freestyle he broke his axle on the other side, differential, and lost his transmission. Eric was up last for freestyle as he won the previous show in Anaheim. By the time it was for Eric to go out all of the obstacles were pretty much demolished and there wasn’t a whole lot he could do. But this didn’t stop him from catching his usual mile high air but unfortunately after a couple of his air time travel flights it stopped him short of his freestyle with a broken sway bar.

Rick, Eric and our crew guy Josh headed straight from Arizona to Houston Texas for a two day event for Monster Jam. On Saturday Rick and Eric put on another great show for our Texas fans! Eric caught big air as usual and did another backflip but this time the body separated from the frame and came off of his truck during his flip and he ended up destroying his truck body by running it over! Unfortunately we do not carry spare bodies with us so they had to make do with what they had for the following show on Sunday.

The Obsession Racing team worked all night repairing their trucks for the Sunday afternoon show. Obsession was able to make the pit party but the guys had to continue working on Obsessed up   until the show. Rick put on a smooth run with some good jumps and donuts. Eric was on kill again and did great for the afternoon crowd! The last show in February for Obsession Racing was in  Jacksonville Florida continuing the Monster Jam tour. This was also another two day event. Saturday Eric won the wheelie competition. On Sunday the Florida fans witnessed the Father and Son team compete against each other in racing. This was the fastest time that they each had in the series so far! We must admit there is some competitiveness when it comes down to the both of them competing against each other.