Obsession Racing 2017 Press Release #7


MENIFEE, CA – Kicking off in July started on the 1st through the 4th at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego for WGAS Motorsports.  These shows are freestyle only with 2 performances a day.  Both Obsession and Obsessed ran all 8 shows.  Eric in his Obsessed truck took the freestyle win on the 4th of July!!

Having only a day in between events Rick and Eric headed to Tijuana Mexico for a Saturday night only show with racing and Freestyle.  Rick did awesome in the finals in racing and Eric blew a motor in his freestyle completion but still put on a great run.  With Eric needing a new motor Rick and Eric came home to switch it out for their next show the following weekend in Monterey Mexico.  They had to do this quickly as they had a 1,700 mile drive to make to Monterey.  They made it in time and put on an awesome show! Eric made up for it taking home the racing and wheelie competition win!

Wrapping up July Obsession Racing had a 5 day event totaling 7 shows for Monster X at the Orange County Fair in California.  These shows were freestyle only.  This was a great show for the Obsession Racing Team! Rick had one freestyle win and a wheelie win.  Eric had a few more with 6 wheelie wins and 5 Freestyle wins.  It was a fun show and we want to thank Bo and his girlfriend Kim for all of their help!