Obsession Racing 2017 Press Release #4

MENIFEE, CA – Our first show in April was on the 7 th , 8 th and 9 th in Chico California for Monster X. On Friday night Rick and Eric made it to the semifinals in racing. Freestyle was a

challenge because of the rain on Friday and Saturday night. When the ground is soaked and muddy it is hard for the truck to have any traction. They just want to slip and slide around

although Rick took second place in racing on Saturday night. The sun came out on Sunday which was nice but the ground was still very saturated. It didn’t seem to affect Rick as he took

the win on Sunday in racing.

The following weekend Rick and Eric headed to sunny Phoenix Arizona for Grand Canyon Promotions. This event was held on Friday and Saturday with both racing and freestyle

competition. Rick did great in racing again this weekend and Eric impressed everyone in freestyle with his usual massive air which was the highest of the weekend!

Finishing up in the month of April our last event was held in Puyallup Washington for WGAS Motorsports. This was a Friday night only show consisting of racing and freestyle. Eric had

issues with his RII and wasn’t able to run because of safety issues. Rick did great as he made it to the finals in racing against Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter.