Eric Swanson


Driver Name: Eric Swanson

Truck: Obsessed

Residence: Menifee, CA

Started in Monster trucks: At birth

Year of Birth: 1995

Marital Status: Single

Hobbies: Dirt bike riding, trophy Karts, bicycles, scooters, (pretty much anything with wheels).



Eric was born in 1995. His whole life has been around Monster Trucks. Even in the womb Eric’s Dad Rick read him Monster Truck stories. He went to his first event at 8 weeks old. He has always enjoyed motorsports and when he was little we actually thought he thought he was a Monster Truck. He loved racing against his cousins over pillows posed as cars and checkered flags tucked in their pockets yelling at the top of their lungs almost as loud as the real monster truck engines. At five years old he got his first dirt bike. Riding and handling the bike was second nature to him. He started racing it the year after he got the motorcycle. Of course Dad couldn’t leave it stock. He added an 88cc kit, pipe, carburetor, rev chip, shock, swing arm, oil filled forks (just a few things). He didn’t need it he was winning all his races without. But fast is always more fun! Eric continued racing and taking first place in his series in the fast 50’s class. He earned his very own sponsor (LBZ) and was a real sportsman. For his 8th Birthday he got a RM65. He raced both bikes for awhile and won a championship.

When Eric was 11 years old he got to experience what it was like to drive his Dad’s Monster truck. He even got to drive over cars! Everyone was impressed that an 11 year old could maneuver such a big machine skillfully. We made sure all safety precautions were in place. For his twelfth Birthday we gave him a trophy kart. We had it painted and wrapped to match Obsession. He has done numerous events in it for all different promoters. They have had him freestyle at monster truck events and he is the only trophy truck to have cleared three cars! He continues to show his driving talent with the way he can run against modified trophy karts and still take fist place. Our second truck Obsessed is completed and was built for Eric. He will be the youngest monster truck driver to compete. He can fully de-tire the monster truck and load and unload it. We just can’t wait until he gets his license to drive the big rig! Then we’ll be set! He is excited to freestyle for the first time at the California State fair in October of 2009. We are confident that he will be an excellent Monster Truck driver. We are just happy he is able to fulfill his dreams!